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Mechanical Conveying

Mechanical Conveyors are ideal in transporting powdered and dusty materials. These types of materials are common ingredients or results of processes in places such as Bottom Ash and flyash in power plants Cement raw materials in cement industries, Smelter plants like Zinc, Copper and Aluminum. Other applications for drag chain conveyors are transportation of soft and light materials, i.e. saw dust, wood chips or solid fuels like peat or coal. Continuous and efficient material flow is the key to a process without any unnecessary interruptions, thus ensuring high-quality end products and first-class profitability. Kopar specializes in the design and manufacturing of mechanical equipment capable of handling high temperature materials (up to 600°C). TurboKopar is proud to bring this expertise to its Indian customers.


Material Handled

Application Area

Thermal Power Plants

Bottom ash

Boiler bottom to silo


Ash conditioner at the silo discharge.

Telescopic chute at the bottom of silo.

Metallurgical Industry

waste heat boiler slag and dust lumps and other materials with clods or lumps formed in the process

Copper, Nickel and Zinc Smelter

Primary and secondary crushers

Waste heat boilers or electrostatic precipitators.

Food Industry

Resin,  China clay and Pigments

Storage and dosing systems