Compared to all competing systems, TurboKopar Uses simple design philosophy. For example, we have fewer valves in our pneumatic conveying systems that are seen in other competing technologies. This reduces the number of service points and our equipments thereby increasing the uptime of our products.



Not only automation but also smart logic is incorporated wherever required to ensure uncertainties like clogging and pressure build-up are addressed quickly and efficiently.


Our products are manufactured to handle heavy operational loads. Our designs reflect our experience in handling various materials. Our choice of using the right metallurgy in combination with advanced manufacturing methods (robotic welding) ensures that you receive a product that is truly sturdy.

TurboKopar designs solutions, engineers and manufactures products depending on the need of our customers'. The image below gives an example of a typical ash handling system and our scope of supply. All our solutions and products come with TurboKopar 3S Advantage:
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